Knit Stitch 5: Slip Stitch in 2 Colors

After my Fair aisle fail, I decided to try something with an actual pattern. I decided to make it more of a basket weave after 3 sets of rows.


  • R1: knit in color 1
  • R2: knit in color 1
  • R3: knit 4 in color 2, ss w yarn in back, knit (4x), knit 3
  • R4: knit 4 in color 2, ss w yarn in front, knit (4x), knit 3

Knit stitch 4: Fairly Fair Isle

Wit this container of different yarns, I wanted to try some fair isle. I thought I could figure it out with just the picture of a completed piece but this is a big time fail. For the sake of laughter, here it is:

The next pattern will actually use a pattern, I think.

I did, however, make progress on Kevin’s scarf (shhhh it’s his Valentine’s Day present). I’ll post it when complete.

Knit Stitch 3 (The Crest of the Wave Lace Stitch #527)

Well, I guess I got to the airport too early because I was able to buy lunch, get a Starbucks and finish my next knitting pattern. I started off in what I thought was going to be “my” spot but it got too warm with the sun so I had to move across to a shaded area (where some guy was watching a basketball game in his laptop and taking notes. Someone stopped and smiled at him like you do at famous people but I have no idea why).

Here are the deets on my knitting progress 

Knit Challenge #2: Polka Dot Fair Isle

I made such progress on my first stitch and was motivated my the short strands of yarn to tackle a fair isle pattern. Since I don’t have internet on the plane (cheap-o!), I decided to design my own pattern. Here it is:

R1: K2 In Main color, K2 in FI color

R2: purl in main color, bringing FI color along

R3: knitting in main color

R4: purl in main color 

R5: k2 in FI color, k2 main color

R6: purl in main color, bringing FI color along

R7: k in main color

R8: purl in main color

Knit challenge #1: Mistake Rib Stitch

I decided to keep it simple for my first stitch in my knitting challenge. This is called the “Mistake Rib Stitch (#529)”. 

Because I didn’t know how I would progress, I brought a bunch of yarn scraps I had picked up at Scrap in Denton.  The issue is that the tennis ball can is full of short-cut pieces vs skeins. So, there are quite a bit of strands on the edge. Due to the simplicity of the pattern, I was able to complete it in less than an hour.

Knitting progress (flight 2)

While it isn’t technically learning a new pattern, I have made some progress on Kevin’s scarf. This entails using 5 balls of yarn since Kevin bought very thin yarn to start with, and while it doesn’t have the verigstion I would like, it does seem to be switching colors as things progress. 

As you can see from the picture above, the balls are starting to get a bit tangled, so I did spend a good 25 minutes trying to get untangled, but all in all, I think it should be ok. At this point, I am about 50% done (although I don’t really think it matters since I am knitting until I am out of yarn and calling it done).

Knitting Challenge

My knitting challenge actually started last year when I received the book “750 Knit Stitches” for Christmas. I started making squares with a view towards seeing them all together to form a quilt. A case of the flu gave me a chance to make good progress, but once I began self-employment, it became a tucked away project. 

So, my goal is to complete this sucker! Here are the panels already completed (unblocked, so they don’t look great)

That’s 107 panels completed so far!! Whew! 

Issue number one: Size of project— The panels measure about 1/3 of the bed, so I would need about 200 panels if I wanted to keep things the same. Given that I can’t really knit a panel an hour, I am probably going to have to adjust the plan. I think I will worry about that later. I can adjust this to be a wall hanging or a foot warmer for the bottom of the bed. Worst case, I will have a bunch of throw pillows! 🙂
Issue number 2: multiple yarns— as you can see, I have been knitting squares together using multiple yarns as I go but the thought of carting around a bunch of different skeins on the plane makes me tired. I think I will find a yarn shop in Boston and leave them in my suitcase in ny office.

Issue number 3: stitch book–as I have knit each square, I have checked off the stitches in my book. The problem is that the book is freaking heavy! My new plan is to use the “stitched at” website moving forward, which will make things easier on  the go. I think blogging about them will also help me keep track of what I’ve done and which ones I liked.

The goal with the knitting project is to challenge myself to learn new stitches and find some favorites that I enjoy.