Writing Challenge: Lessons 1 & 2

Here are the writing lessons for the last two weeks

Lesson 1: 

This crystalline creature is one that resides deep in the dark depths of the ocean in an alternative time dimension. Formed of silica and stone, the TBD named creature experiences life at 10x slower speed than humans, experiencing one year in the time we experience a decade. To that end, when in motion, humans are invisible to the TBD creature. Likewise, humans do not register the TBD as alive because movements are such an alternative time scale that they are unseen to the naked eye. Furthermore, because the TBD creature’s ecosystem is on the ocean floor where no humans have been able to reach, the two species remain unknown to each other. That is, until a nuclear submarine is demanded and descends into the TBd creature’s world.


What is its purpose? To understand more about the “aliens” that reside in what it perceives as space (above the ocean’s surface) and determine if they are hostile or friendly and what this means to the TBD’s existential view of the world.
Why does it exist: the TBD evolved from the minerals and elements that vent from the ocean floor.
How does it exist: See above
What does it need: to feel safe and comprehend the time dimensions of the “space creatures” above it
What does it want: see above
How dangerous is it: should the TBD retaliate against the “aliens,” they could damage the atmosphere by exuding toxic gases.
Who is it after: it is after knowledge and communication with the newly discovered “aliens”
Where does it live: on the ocean floor
Additional notes: names for the creature 

– the Silica

– the Crystalline 

– the Chromium
Considerations on time & environmental impacts:
1. Things that move at human speed would be invisible. Only things that stay still would be seen, such as:

– stone 

– coral

– shells

– bones
2. On the ocean floor, there is no light, so they are essentially sightless, “seeing” through sonic waves and physical touch. Communication is equally soundless, and because sound travels too fast for them to observe, they would need to do so via another method (TBD). Perhaps there is an alternative to sound at this time dimension?
3. Their size is large, around 10 feet at full adulthood. Replication occurs as they slough off their hard “shells” and elements collect together to form a new TBD creature entity.
4. Since their month = our year, it takes many human years for them to understand what has appeared in their environment. There should be contention among them about what to do. Not sure yet how they realize that the bodies on board are actual creatures that move at a different speed. Was thinking it could be due to accidentally playing back a recording and hitting pause/slow motion but since they can’t see or hear, not sure how this would work. Perhaps there is a buzzing in their sonic sensors that they find they can hear when they slow it down?


Lesson 2

Its birth, any legend or myth associated with it? – the myth of Atlantis is based on when a few Chromium ventured too far out of the ocean’s depths and were seen by humans as they were fishing.
How did it originate? It evolved in the early formation of life on earth. Babies are made when earthquakes cause their shells to break. They do not know death.
Does it have a personal name? This is a story about the species, so there are more than one of them. These names are translated from their sonic/feel language to be

– Sakaliwa: the main character, curious and kind, she (although gender is irrelevant because they all reproduce & are the same gender) discovers the existence of humans and is a proponent of peaceful contact

– Karapatan: the antagonist, prone to war and driven by fear, she wants to retaliate against the aliens

– Mabagal: a religious leader, she believes the appearance of the alien craft and it’s destruction of the Chronium it destroyed, is a blessing because it will cause the production of many babies. Since they do not know death, Mabagal and many others believe that these creatures have entered another dimension.

– Panganganak: these are the Chonium born of the event. They are considered magical and as possessing special powers because of the nuclear and surface elements the absorbed through impact of the alien craft.
Does it have a specific religion? How important is its religion to it? They believe in the power of Mother Earth and are highly connected to it as a living part of their existence. 

What does it look like? Be Specific: being in the depths of the ocean where there is no light and unable to see light waves at the speed they exist, the “appearance” of the Chonium is based on sound and touch. They appear to each other formations. When we sent down the Challenger Deep, we saw these as glass-like formations formed of sand under high pressure. 
Does it move? It moves through slow restructuring of its silica-based body, like watching erosion or a mudslide. It’s movement is unseen by the naked eye, as in when plants move to follow the sun, but if we time lapse film, we can see them.
Where does it get its food? It absorbs minerals from the earth 
What is its intelligence level? It has an average intelligence, although they are naive about life at our speed and above the ocean floor.
Does it have any other kind of appendages? Not normally, but can alter its own shape.
Does it have a conscience? Does it experience emotions? Yes, the Chronium are peaceful and find joy in the beauty of the world around them. They have never experienced fear until the alien craft appears upon them and causes them to question all they believe about the world around them. 
Does it feel pain? Suffer? It had not felt pain or loss until the nuclear material was released and melted part of them. When one feels pain, they all partially experience it because of their connection.
What does it search for? What does it want? To determine what to do (contact, retaliate, flee, or praise) because of the alien “attack”
Can it emotionally change over the course of a story? It goes from fear and confusion to understanding and first contact.
Can it feel empathy? Can it emotionally feel anything? It feels deep empathy, emotionally connected to all Chronium. Although they experience feelings as separate entities, a portion of their emotions are shared at some level.
How difficult is its way of life/its world? Peaceful and easy. Food is absorbed without work and death does not exist.
Musical? It perceives sound as sight, so they see music and sound

How powerful is it? How brave is it? How cunning is it? Being a peaceful species, they don’t know fear enough to be brave. Power isn’t a concept since they all come from the combination of each other. They are different from each other in shapes, thoughts and some emotions, but are deeply connected emotionally to each other.
Does it use weapons? They have the power to excrete corrosive gases as a defense but has never needed to. With the alien craft incident, Karapatan advocates for doing so out of new found fear and an existential break in their beliefs.
What are its vulnerabilities? The only death they have ever known is with the melting that was caused by the alien craft. Even this is not seen as death but a birthing of the Panganganak to Chonium like Mabagal.
Can it shape shift? What does it shape shift into? Chronium move through shape shifting. Forming a structure the aliens can see (spoiler) is how they make first contact. 


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