Working it out 

I started out with a 5 minute meditation. I am covered with a protective shell of light and confidence today, in case you were wondering about why I am so awesome. 

I also had a dream in which I visited the Trump house, which turned out to be this older Plano house with shag carpet, a shitty small kitchen and a sunken living room. They had a daughter, who was off the shaft brilliant. She was maybe 8 and was fluent in Cinese. She was painting a watercolor in the sunken living room, and I kept thinking she should talk to Gillian. I also saw a table with all of the notes people had sent him about the thigs they would like to see him do, including one. I had sent (not in real life but in my dream). I think this dream might have been caused by my late night chocolate chip cookie.

I also tackled Day four of my mini-workouts. Last week’s 15 minute leg excersises kicked my ass all weekend. Let’s see what this 10 minute abs does to that chocolate chip cookie I had last night!


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