The First 48

It is day three of my stay, and I have had a few areas of frustration and consternation. First off, my hotel is fine. I like the apartment-ish feel of my room, which includes a kitchen and living room. However, the location is a bit desolated, especially at night. NBD, except “night” starts at around 4:30 here, so I am rather limited on what I can accomplish after work. It also has been raining, which makes getting around to places even more of a challenge, so I have spent my first two days in Boston either at the office or out to dinner with my boss, who has been quite kind. My vision of me back in my room enjoying a home cooked meal has yet to come to fruition. So have many of the projects I saved for when I was “bored in Boston.” I know I will figure this out, but for now, I have succumbed to the Renaissance hotel pressure for next week. I do know, however, after two nights eating there, I will need to find a healthier alternative to their food. In fact, here are the things I thought I would accomplish that haven’t happened:

  • Closing out invoices for business
  • Posting remaining podcasts
  • Buying and using a Charlie card
  • Finding and shopping at a grocery store
  • Visiting a yard shop / going to a knitting meet up
  • Reading, knitting, or writing

This makes me feel a bit like a loser, so let me also catalog the things I have been able to accomplish

  • Starting a new job
  • Walking to the office
  • Exercising
  • Writing this blog entry 🙂

I think I will set a goal today to get my damn Charlie card at the very least, and perhaps walk to the grocery store if it isn’t raining and is as “warm” as is forecasted. Wish me luck!


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