Trip #1

Ok, so this was the first trip so there are a lot of kinks in the system. First off, I brought a bigger bag with my small bag in it, as well as a few other outfits as back ups. I had to decouple them when the weight came in at 52 lbs but was able to gate check my nearly empty smaller bag, so no big deal. I realized on the plane that I had not installed the gogo app to watch movies nor had I downloaded the full version of my first book on the Read Harder challenge, although I had a sample as was able to make a dent. I also was told by the front desk at the hotel that the office is not a 15 minute walk and that the grocery store is 10 minutes away, which should be fun in the (surprise!) planned rain for tomorrow. I spent most of the night all worked up about these issues and not prepping for my first day on the job, so I am going to call it now and say this first trip gets a “C.” 


  • Knitted
  • Signed up for class
  • Began first book
  • 15 minutes of yoga

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