And so it begins

Today is the day I head out on my first of ~48 flights during the next 6 months. I have been prepping for this day since the moment I accepted the offer from Boston Beer Company, thinking about how I would travel, what I would do on the flight, where I would stay, and how I would make the most of this time of change.

I asked my Facebook friends to weigh in on ideas for things to do while on the plane.


Suggestions from family & friends include:

  • Sleep: 3
  • Reading: 4
  • Listening to books: 2
  • Listening to podcasts: 2
  • Watch TV: 2
  • Watch Movies: 1
  • Learn a Language: 3
  • Take a Class: 3
  • Write: 3

With this feedback in mind, I made a chart that compared the outcomes I would like against the options I have for using these 200 hours. My goals are to:

  • Have a tangible accomplishment
  • Better myself in some way
  • Improve my health / well being
  • Enjoy what I am doing

Based on this, and because I can lack decisiveness, I created the following schedule for my 4 hours (realizing, of course, that this will probably go straight out the window when I get sleepy or inevitably change my mind):

  • Hour 1: relax / sleep / meditate / listen to podcast / watch something / knit
  • Hour 2: Take Class / Write
  • Hour 3: Read
  • Hour 4: relax / sleep / meditate / listen to podcast / watch something / knit

My goals are to:

I look forward to sharing this journey, to providing a place to reflect and entertain (ha). I hope to look back on this time with positivity, pride, and purpose.

And so it begins…


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