Writing Course Week 2: Creature Dosier

I created my creature last week, as did Gillian, and now we need to flesh out our creations.

Gillian’s creature is a multi-headed one that provides good advice. Mine is a silica creature on the bottom of the ocean that lives in a slower time than humans. This time element is a real pain, creating issues with light and sound speed and absorption.

Here is a link to the questions to answer. More to come as I am on the flight!



A Book about Books: The Thirteenth Tale

Just finished my first book in the Read Harder challenge: a book about books. I found the story interesting, a little referential to classics like Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights in its combination of romantacism and ghost story. There was a lovely twist that kept me wondering throughout the book with a few twists and turns. The symbolism felt heavy handed sometimes but I did enjoy them, such as the hedges and turning the heel when knitting. 


Knit Stitch 3 (The Crest of the Wave Lace Stitch #527)

Well, I guess I got to the airport too early because I was able to buy lunch, get a Starbucks and finish my next knitting pattern. I started off in what I thought was going to be “my” spot but it got too warm with the sun so I had to move across to a shaded area (where some guy was watching a basketball game in his laptop and taking notes. Someone stopped and smiled at him like you do at famous people but I have no idea why).

Here are the deets on my knitting progress 

Working it out 

I started out with a 5 minute meditation. I am covered with a protective shell of light and confidence today, in case you were wondering about why I am so awesome. 

I also had a dream in which I visited the Trump house, which turned out to be this older Plano house with shag carpet, a shitty small kitchen and a sunken living room. They had a daughter, who was off the shaft brilliant. She was maybe 8 and was fluent in Cinese. She was painting a watercolor in the sunken living room, and I kept thinking she should talk to Gillian. I also saw a table with all of the notes people had sent him about the thigs they would like to see him do, including one. I had sent (not in real life but in my dream). I think this dream might have been caused by my late night chocolate chip cookie.

I also tackled Day four of my mini-workouts. Last week’s 15 minute leg excersises kicked my ass all weekend. Let’s see what this 10 minute abs does to that chocolate chip cookie I had last night!

Knit Challenge #2: Polka Dot Fair Isle

I made such progress on my first stitch and was motivated my the short strands of yarn to tackle a fair isle pattern. Since I don’t have internet on the plane (cheap-o!), I decided to design my own pattern. Here it is:

R1: K2 In Main color, K2 in FI color

R2: purl in main color, bringing FI color along

R3: knitting in main color

R4: purl in main color 

R5: k2 in FI color, k2 main color

R6: purl in main color, bringing FI color along

R7: k in main color

R8: purl in main color

Knit challenge #1: Mistake Rib Stitch

I decided to keep it simple for my first stitch in my knitting challenge. This is called the “Mistake Rib Stitch (#529)”. 

Because I didn’t know how I would progress, I brought a bunch of yarn scraps I had picked up at Scrap in Denton.  The issue is that the tennis ball can is full of short-cut pieces vs skeins. So, there are quite a bit of strands on the edge. Due to the simplicity of the pattern, I was able to complete it in less than an hour.

Knitting progress (flight 2)

While it isn’t technically learning a new pattern, I have made some progress on Kevin’s scarf. This entails using 5 balls of yarn since Kevin bought very thin yarn to start with, and while it doesn’t have the verigstion I would like, it does seem to be switching colors as things progress. 

As you can see from the picture above, the balls are starting to get a bit tangled, so I did spend a good 25 minutes trying to get untangled, but all in all, I think it should be ok. At this point, I am about 50% done (although I don’t really think it matters since I am knitting until I am out of yarn and calling it done).